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First 6 Mysteries: Audio
Mary F. Johnson
William Kent Krueger First Six Audio Mystery Series

Great experience buying from you.


Books arrived in perfect condition.Have just started to read “ the Third Girl”

First 6 Mysteries: Ebooks
Charron Tesselaar

Enjoy the writing. Makes the reader feel like they are in in France and I often feel like taking a walk to buy almond croissants like Molly does.

I really enjoy reading these books.

It took quite a while between ordering and receiving these books, then #3 was missing. After sending a message to the author letting her know about the missing book, I received a response very quickly. Now I'm looking forward to receiving #3 so I can give a perfect review.

Haven’t received my books yet

Hi Joyce! The delivery email from BookFunnel probably got caught in your spam folder. I asked them to resend it! Email me if you have any further trouble: Happy reading!

Very enjoyable

Loved this series. Felt like I was in Castillac with the characters

First 6 Mysteries
Liza Richardson
Books and great customer service

As soon as I contacted the book seller that I had not received, they sent me a link and customer service was perfect. I didn't find in my regular email, and they corrected tha immediatellly! Getting started now! thank you thank you thank. you!

Gotta Love Molly Sutton!

A friend gave me the first book in this series. I couldn’t put it down! I purchased every book in this series and just started number8. I hope Nell continues writing.

Good Read!

I was so happy to see Molly return to Castillac in Bittersweet Oblivion, Book 11. It was great to see all the villagers again and interesting to look at the murder/murderer from a different point of view. Was there really a murder? Are Molly’s suspicions correct this time? Bittersweet Oblivion was an engaging mystery from start to finish. Definitely a good read!

Good Red Herrings and Twists

I’ve read and enjoyed all of the previous Molly Sutton books in the series series. Eye for an Eye, Book 10 did not disappoint. It was good to read about Molly Sutton and her adventures again. I continue to love the French setting. This time most of the story was in Aix-Provence, although Castillac and the villagers did pop in regularly. The mystery and clues were great, along with good red herrings and twists. Eye for an Eye, Book 10 is another delightful Molly Sutton mystery.

Addicted to Castillac

I was so happy to read No Honor Among Thieves: Molly Sutton Book 9. I have read the entire series and am afraid that I’ve become addicted to the village of Castillac. I love the French setting and the quirky Castillac characters. Molly and Ben had many suspects for the murder of a very nasty man who was liked by no one. They conducted the investigation while planning for their upcoming wedding. Yes, there were thieves, too. No Honor Among Thieves did not disappoint!

Surprises Galore

Surprises Galore
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The most beautiful woman in the village is found dead at the bottom of the stairs by her husband. The former chief of police is positive that the husband could not have been responsible and Molly is positive that he did. Let the due diligence begin and other local intrigues come to light!
Background: Molly took her money from the divorce and went from Massachusetts to a place she thought of as ideal. A village in France where she bought a cottage with a smaller one on the property that she could let out to keep costs in order.
I enjoyed the narration by voice artist Becket Royce who really does a fine job!
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psychological-thriller, suspense, suspicion, misdirection, France, amateur-sleuth, local-law-enforcement, local-gossip, verbal-humor, hospitality-industry, friendship, friends, family, family-dynamics, family-drama, helicopter-parent, cold-case, murder, mental-illness, false-imprisonment, unpleasant-guests, cultural-differences, small-town, small-business, missing-persons, missed-opportunities, audiobook, series, ex-pat, cozy-mystery, miscommunications, disappearance***** Chief Dufort quit the force but is learning that "you can take the man out of The Job but you can't take The Job out of the man". He is still rather obsessed by the cold case of a young woman who disappeared seven years ago in their small village. Molly Sutton isn't convinced that the young woman is dead but has little time to investigate because of her duties as hotelier. Then a small boy happens to see the victim and tries to leave notes for the gendarmerie. But... Excellent read with points of view by several of the principals. Background: Molly took her money from the divorce and went from Massachusetts to a place she thought of as ideal. A village in France where she bought a cottage with a smaller one on the property that she could let out to keep costs in order. I enjoyed the narration by voice artist Becket Royce! #audiobook #MollySuttonMysteries3 #AuthorSales

Engaging Mystery

I was so happy to return to another Molly Sutton mystery. Murder on Vacation is the sixth book in the Molly Sutton series. All of my favorite Castillac characters, including Ben, returned to help solve the mystery. This time Molly needed more assistance than usual due to illness. The murder and investigation involved Molly’s B&B guests and took place close to home. As with all of the books in this series, Murder on Vacation is an engaging cozy mystery and definitely a good read!

Love Castillac!

I found The Luckiest Woman Ever: Molly Sutton Mystery 2 just as engaging and enjoyable as the first. Goddin’s descriptions are great. I love the lifestyle in the small French village. Molly’s challenges continue, along with daily life in France. The characters are realistic and likable. The cozy mystery has lots of intrigue without graphic violence. There’s an interesting twist at the end. The Luckiest Woman Ever: Molly Sutton Mystery 2 is a must read cozy mystery!

Love the series...MORE PLEASE

I love this series.the characters who have become "friends", France, where I want to travel, and the writing which is superb! I am re reading Third Girl again and will continue to re read these, as I own them all. Thank you for all this wonderful adventure and new ( now old) friends.

Engaging Start to the Series

I really liked The Third Girl: A Molly Sutton Mystery. It had all of the elements that I love in a mystery: an exotic location, strong female protagonist, good mystery and even a quirky orange cat. Molly Sutton chose to escape to a quiet French village to heal from her recent divorce. She quickly learned that life in her adopted village was far from the quiet, safe retreat that she had envisioned. Goddin wove an engaging murder mystery, without a lot of graphic details and gore. The village and villagers were intriguing, as was the quirky cat. The Third Girl is a great start to the Molly Sutton series.

Love it!

I'm not sure how I originally found out about the first book, but I was hooked as soon as I read it and couldn't wait for the next then the next etc. !!! I love all the characters and wished I had a friend like Molly. This book did not disappoint and this time we knew who the killer was right away ( I never did guess right on any of the others) lol! Anyway loved this book and can't wait to see what happens next! Thanks for writing!

Winner! Winner!

This is one of my all-time favorite series. I love the idea of post-divorce Molly leaving Boston to start a new phase of her life in France. This is the series that made me fall in love with France.

Love to read Murder for Love

Once again, I was so happy to read Murder for Love: Molly Sutton Book 4. I’ve grown fond of Molly and all of the Castillac regulars. Descriptions of life in the French village are great! I’d love to live in Molly’s B & B. Her garden sounds like one I would enjoy. Her dog, Bobo, and the orange cat add to the cozy feeling. Molly’s friend, Frances, played a more prominent role in this book, as did the owner of the local patisserie, Monsieur Nugent. Molly remains a strong and independent character. Castillac would be perfect … except for an occasional murder or two. The mystery is light with just enough suspense and very little actual violence or gore. Murder for Love was a pleasure to read.

Good Read!

The Prisoner of Castillac: Book 3 is one of my Molly Sutton favorites. I love the village of Castillac and have grown fond of all of its citizens. Molly’s bed and breakfast is filled, but finances are definitely becoming an issue. Book 3 finds Molly and Ben Dufort involved in a darker, more suspenseful mystery. The mysterious disappearance of Valerie Boutillier comes to the surface again. Will Molly and Ben finally bring closure to this long-standing mystery? The Prisoner of Castillac is definitely a good read!

Live, love and enjiy

The beginning of a fantastic relationship. Can’t wait for the next and have read all. Keep it up Nell😍

Getting familiar with France

I am French on both sides and enjoyed getting a taste of what it would be like to live in a French village. I was especially grateful for the section in the back wherein the phrases in French were interpreted. Good book to relax with at bedtime!

Charming Cozy Mystery

I’ve grown very fond of the Molly Sutton Mysteries and look forward to each new book in the series. They are all charming cozy mysteries. The Chateau Mystery: Book 5 was no exception. As always, Goddin wove a mystery into and around the daily lives of the residents of the French village of Castillac. This time, Molly split her time between a murder investigation and several ventures aimed at saving her from financial doom. I love the details of village life and the reoccurring characters. The Chateau Mystery did not disappoint!

Moving forward

Having read all but one of the previous books in this series (for some unknown reason my KOBO down load on #10 redirects to #9) I can say I have enjoyed them all. A nice shift in approach with this one made for a pleasant change and we even got a (kind of) car chase. Despite slipping into a small trite area in places I still loved it. Thank you Nell