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The Luckiest Woman Ever (Molly Sutton Mysteries 2): AUDIO

The Luckiest Woman Ever (Molly Sutton Mysteries 2): AUDIO

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Book 2 in the Molly Sutton Mystery series. AUDIO version.

Another pastry, another dead body.

Things have started to look up for Molly Sutton. Her new life in the French village of Castillac isn't as peaceful as she expected it to be, but maybe that could be a good thing. Turns out a little mystery, a little excitement - it gives a girl with imagination something to do besides obsess about croissants.

After Molly stumbles on another dead body, our amateur detective wastes no time before eavesdropping and butting into conversations all over town, gathering as much information as she can on everyone.

But when Dufort is about to clap handcuffs on the wrong man, she's got to do more than eavesdrop to save him. Will she have the chops - and the cleverness - to pull it off?

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